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getting minutes in games where the team has already

getting minutes in games where the team has already

Mensagempor elvafeng » Seg Out 23, 2017 06:42

Carl Grundström
Frölunda have been busy since we last looked in on Carl Grundström. They dropped one game to HV71, and then put up a string of one goal wins that brought them to Satruday’s competition against playoff rival Skellefteå. Grundström was a scratch in this game, and I don’t see any news as to why. He played to the end of the previous game, so it’s not likely an injury.

The team has pushed up the standings a little, and sits in a playoff position, but injuries are hurting them. They are not the dominating force they want to be.

Grundström added one goal to his stat line in a win against Linköping. You can see the highlights here. You are looking for 3 in white making a very unsubtle show of being wide open while the other team ignores him. Bonus content is draft eligible phenom Rasmus Dahlin scoring the first goal https://www.tormapleleafsfans.com/eric-fehr-jersey-c-21.html, and then there’s a short clip of his intermission interview so you can see just how young he is.

Grundström has kept up his second/third line ice time and usually shoots the most on his team all that crashing the net . That was enough to get him first go in a shootout in his most recent game, the team won, but he failed to connect. He has 2 goals and one assist in six games played.

Yegor Korshkov
Last we looked in on Yegor Koshkov, life was kicking him in the teeth. Lokomotiv’s next game was against Ak Bars, the best team in the East, one that is fast, young, talented, and has excellent goaltending. So naturally, as hockey goes, Lokomotiv tuned them up for a 6 2 win.

Korshkov’s line played as the second unit and finally broke through to have success. Korshkov had two goals and one assist in the game, nearly doubling his season points total in one go. And I have found a video! Someone made a clip of one of his goals.
He added a goal in the next game, another high scoring affair they had to win in a shootout, and his mini streak came to an end in the next match, a tough loss.

In Saturday’s game, a nasty affair with the nastiest of rivals, CSKA, Korskov got the gate for this hit
You are much more likely to get kicked for any checking to the head in the KHL than in the NHL. This hit looks about 50 accidental, 50 too much follow through. But even if it had been wholly accidental, he could have been tossed.

Korshkov has four goals and four assists in 23 games played, which isn’t enough https://www.tormapleleafsfans.com/nazem-kadri-jersey-c-19.html, but still puts him fifth for forwards on his team. Lokomotiv still have two defencemen leading the team in points. The KHL season is rocketing past so they can have a long Olympic break. Lokomotiv is only five games away from the halfway point, so the time to make an impact is now. Just not with your elbow.

Jesper Lindgren
Jesper Lindgren’s HPK squad went on a three game winning streak too, breaking a six game losing streak. They capped it off with a tough loss, but things are looking up again. HPK have scrapped and fought their way above the relegation line, but now they need to work even harder to get into a playoff spot.

Lindgren added a goal and an assist in this successful run. In fact, his goal came in the game that broke the streak, and I wanted to bring that to you more vividly so I looked up the official game report and popped that in the Google translation machine and....

HPK s Jesper Lindgren cried home crowd at the end of the second batch by hitting his team s lead with handsome bluefin tuna. The match finally settled for the match.
There! That’s vivid. Here’s the real bluefin tuna. You are looking for 5 in orange, the happy man after his point shot makes it all the way in.
Note also, the empty seats. I’m seeing hockey teams all over the world failing to sell out games. It’s not a cause for any kind of amusement by fans.

Lindgren still has a bad CF , a Corsi / that is the worst on the team, and he has landed firmly on the second pair, not the top pairing minute eater he started out as. I don’t think it’s an accident that he started to do better when he was asked to do less. He now has one goal and two assists in 17 games played.
The official KHL news says only this

SKA terminated the contract with striker Nikolay Chebykin 1997 by agreement of the parties.
What this means for him, I don’t know.

To review, Chebykin had signed with SKA this summer, obviously to play on their VHL team. He got in a few games, made no impact https://www.tormapleleafsfans.com/zach-hyman-jersey-c-20.html, was sent back to junior he just turned 20 and was obviously too good for the MHL.

Where he can go to find a fit is a tough question. He could likely play at the Liiga or Czech league level. He wouldn’t be worth using up an import spot in the Swiss league Ron Hainsey Jersey, and the SHL seems over his head by a bit. In North America, he seemed to me to be eclipsed at the Leafs rookie camp by free agent AHL signing Kristian Pospisil, who is now in Orlando.

Vladimir Bobylyov
We learned last time that Vladimir Bobylyov had signed with a KHL team. He’s played two games, taken two penalties, got no points, and seems destined for their VHL team soon.

Vladislav Kara
Ak Bars is keeping Vladislav Kara on the main roster for now. He is being eased into top level play very carefully, getting minutes in games where the team has already won it. In their recent 7 1 romp over Traktor, he played eight minutes, his most so far in four games. In their loss to Jokerit a powerhouse this year he played 3 shifts.

This method of getting a rookie’s feet wet on the big club only works in a league like the KHL that dresses more skaters. You can have a player who barely plays learn the ropes at ice level. It’s not a guarantee that the ice time will rise, however. Chebykin went through this exact process on his former KHL club, and never stuck around.

So far Kara has some zeros on his stat line in very limited play in four games.

Pierre Engvall
Still out with injury recovery.
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Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: Fontelles - Dom Jan 17, 2010 14:42

Não sei onde este tópico se encaixaria. Então me desculpem.
Eu não entendi essa passagem, alguém pode me explicar?
2n \geq n+1 ,\forall n \in\aleph*
O livro explica da seguinte forma.
1°) P(1) é verdadeira, pois 2.1 \geq 1+1
2°) Admitamos que P(k), k \in \aleph*, seja verdadeira:
2k \geq k+1 (hipótese da indução)
e provemos que 2(k+1) \geq (K+1)+1
Temos: (Nessa parte)
2(k+1) = 2k+2 \geq (k+1)+2 > (k+1)+1

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: MarceloFantini - Seg Jan 18, 2010 01:55

Boa noite Fontelles.

Não sei se você está familiarizado com o Princípio da Indução Finita, portanto vou tentar explicar aqui.

Ele dá uma equação, no caso:

2n \geq n+1, \forall n \in \aleph^{*}

E pergunta: ela vale para todo n? Como proceder: no primeiro passo, vemos se existe pelo menos um caso na qual ela é verdadeira:

2*1 \geq 1+1

Portanto, existe pelo menos um caso para o qual ela é verdadeira. Agora, supomos que k seja verdadeiro, e pretendemos provar que também é verdadeiro para k+1.

\mbox{Suponhamos que P(k), }k \in \aleph^{*},\mbox{ seja verdadeiro:}
2k \geq k+1

\mbox{Vamos provar que:}
2(k+1) \geq (k+1)+1

Daí pra frente, ele usou o primeiro membro para chegar em uma conclusão que validava a tese. Lembre-se: nunca saia da tese.

Espero ter ajudado.

Um abraço.

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: Fontelles - Seg Jan 18, 2010 02:28

Mas, Fantini, ainda fiquei em dúvida na passagem que o autor fez (deixei uma msg entre o parêntese).
Obrigado pela ajuda, mesmo assim.

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: Fontelles - Qui Jan 21, 2010 11:32

Galera, ajuda aí!
Por falar nisso, alguém conhece algum bom material sobre o assunto. O livro do Iezzi, Matemática Elementar vol. 1 não está tão bom.

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: MarceloFantini - Qui Jan 21, 2010 12:25

Boa tarde Fontelles!

Ainda não estou certo de qual é a sua dúvida, mas tentarei novamente.

O que temos que provar é isso: 2(k+1) \geq (k+1)+1, certo? O autor começou do primeiro membro:

2(k+1)= 2k+2

Isso é verdadeiro, certo? Ele apenas aplicou a distributiva. Depois, partiu para uma desigualdade:

2k+2 \geq (k+1)+2

Que é outra verdade. Agora, com certeza:

(k+1)+2 > (k+1)+1

Agora, como 2(k+1) é \geq a (k+1)+2, e este por sua vez é sempre > que (k+1)+1, logo:

2(k+1) \geq (k+1)+1 \quad \mbox{(c.q.d)}

Inclusive, nunca é igual, sempre maior.

Espero (dessa vez) ter ajudado.

Um abraço.

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: Caeros - Dom Out 31, 2010 10:39

Por curiosidade estava estudando indução finita e ao analisar a questão realmente utilizar a desigualdade apresentada foi uma grande sacada para este problema, só queria tirar uma dúvida sobre a sigla (c.q.d), o que significa mesmo?

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: andrefahl - Dom Out 31, 2010 11:37

c.q.d. = como queriamos demonstrar =)

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: Abelardo - Qui Mai 05, 2011 17:33

Fontelles, um bom livro para quem ainda está ''pegando'' o assunto é:'' Manual de Indução Matemática - Luís Lopes''. É baratinho e encontras na net com facilidade. Procura também no site da OBM, vais encontrar com facilidade material sobre PIF... em alguns sites que preparam alunos para colégios militares em geral também tem excelentes materiais.

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: MarceloFantini - Qui Mai 05, 2011 20:05

Abelardo, faz 1 ano que o Fontelles não visita o site, da próxima vez verifique as datas.

Assunto: Princípio da Indução Finita
Autor: Vennom - Qui Abr 26, 2012 23:04

MarceloFantini escreveu:Abelardo, faz 1 ano que o Fontelles não visita o site, da próxima vez verifique as datas.

Rpz, faz um ano que o fulano não visita o site, mas ler esse comentário dele enquanto respondia a outro tópico me ajudou. hAUEhUAEhUAEH obrigado, Marcelo. Sua explicação de indução finita me sanou uma dúvida sobre outra coisa. :-D